The Technology Behind the 2022 Olympics

A person in a ski coat operating a drone over snow-covered mountains with an Olympic logo in the top-left corner.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics at a Glance

Organizations in Charge

The Physical Setting

Unique Challenges

The Solution

Over the last two years, the global pandemic has forced broadcast organizations around the world to speed up their transformation, and they made more changes in these two years than they had in the previous decade. We introduced OBS Cloud in 2019, then in 2020 when the pandemic began RHB bookings increased seven-fold. The challenge of the pandemic made us all more creative in our thinking about how to work in a more efficient, remote, and virtual way. An important project for Beijing 2022 is a virtualized Outside Broadcast (OB) van, whose control room will be based on virtualized, cloud-ready technologies, done in collaboration with our partners, Alibaba and Intel… For the first time, more than 20 broadcast organizations will receive the feeds in real-time at their centralized production house back home through the cloud, in either UHD or HD. The fact that broadcasters have shown significant interest for this new service is indicative of the growing integration of cloud-based workflows and how RHBs are offloading more of their traditional video infrastructure to the cloud.”

Five Technologies Powering the Olympics’ Digital Transformation

1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

2. 5G Connectivity

“5G’s greater bandwidth gives more mobility and flexibility and allows for a seamless transfer of high-resolution video with the ultra-low latency required. With 5G, you can have cameras in places you weren’t able to have them before, providing new angles and more immersion”

OBS Media Guide

Next-Generation Content Delivery and Management

Interactive and Immersive Broadcast Technologies

“Discovery’s ground-breaking Cube will again continue to push the technological boundaries in broadcasting and studio development. The Cube creates an entire virtual world, beyond any sports studio seen before, depicting a striking mountain hideaway embedded in the face of a snow-capped mountain. As the viewer is brought closer, the experience is revealed to be a vast cinematic winter resort, offering limitless immersive presentation and analysis positions on multiple levels of the resort…

Bespoke avatars built to closely resemble athletes from specific winter disciplines, will float in the Cube, so ‘Team Discovery’ experts will be able to walk around them and analyze the minutiae of an athletes’ movements and performance in more detail than ever before. In addition, background avatars will populate the studio space, adding atmosphere and life to the environment, and will even be transported around the resort by a functioning ski lift. Bringing together a range of different avatars and winter environments, Discovery’s Cube can create thousands of different combinations to illustrate its winter sports storytelling.”

Analytics and Data Visualization




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