Digital Fitness: How Live Streaming Will Shape the Future of Exercise

Pedaling Toward the Future With Peloton

At the end of 2019, Peloton was making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Their controversial holiday commercial caught flack for promoting sexism and problematic body ideals. Officially named “The Gift That Gives Back,” the ad gifted Peloton a ten percent drop in their stock and nearly one billion dollars in losses.

Connected Fitness Equipment and Physical Interactive Media

Peloton first disrupted the health industry in 2012 by selling both a product and a service tied into one. The product, a stationary bike with a 22-inch touchscreen, allows users to stream live and on-demand exercise classes via a monthly subscription service. The genius of this strategy is that Peloton manages to secure big, one-time purchases and small, subscription-based revenue in one fell swoop.

Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)

For almost any organization in the fitness industry, a logical step toward staying afloat involves combining products and services to create hybridized solutions. Even exercise activity trackers like Fitbit have added video streaming capabilities to their devices, allowing wearers to monitor their movement and stream workouts via the same gadget.

The global wearable devices market is expected to reach $62.82 billion by 2025.*

But IoT fitness doesn’t stop there. Video conferencing technology now allows users to join virtual workout environments from their smartwatches, and even dumbbells have gone digital.

Omnichannel Fitness and the Next Normal

Whereas Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness have filed for bankruptcy this year, many digital fitness products and services have struggled to keep up with demand.



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